What happens if you get Arrested

What happens when you when you get sent to jail?

Believe it or not, there are a variety of situations that could land you behind bars without you even knowing what you did wrong. An unpaid traffic ticket that you misplaced or simply forgot about, accidentally shop lifting something from the grocery store, or even speeding one too many times can land you in jail, and if your court day isn’t coming up soon, you may be stuck there for quite some time.

In many cases, the judge will set your court date for a week or two after your arrest, meaning that for a simple crime that you could actually be acquitted of completely, you could still end up spending weeks in jail for something that you did not mean to do. If you don’t have any really close friends or rich family to bail you out of jail when you find yourself locked behind bars, it can be very difficult to find a way out of this sticky situation. This can take valuable time out of your week, and end up harming your career. So, when you are fearing that all of your upcoming appointments are going to be missed, and two weeks of your life (or perhaps even longer) are about to be stripped away from you without having anything that you can do, what do you do?

Call us for any type of bail bonds in Boise, bail bonds in Idaho Falls, bail bonds in Rigby,bail bonds in Caldwell, bail bonds in Pocatello or bail bonds in Nampa. Our experienced bail bondsman can have you out of your cell and get you back to your normal life within just a couple minutes of your phone call, so there’s no reason to sit in a cell for weeks on end when you could be back to your normal life. The best part is, the entire process is very affordable to you. When you go to your court case, simply pay back the money that the bail bondsman lent to you in order to get you out of jail, and you can be back to your normal life.

There is absolutely no reason that you should be stuck in a cell when you have previous obligations, so don’t let this happen to you! For any type of bail bonds in Boise, bail bonds in Idaho Falls, bail bonds in Rigby, bail bonds in Caldwell, bail bonds in Pocatello or bail bonds in Nampa, we are your number one service to get you out of your cell and back on the road.

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